Rose rouge Nail polish 120

Rose rouge Nail polish 120

#Total performance, brilliant chip-proof nail polish ULTRA – LONG SHINE ULTRA – LONG WEAR 6 DAYS

#Pleasant drying time


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  • Perfectly balanced formula, 
  • Unique rich binary network of resins: interact together to considerably extend nail polish longevity and raise shine to a spectacular level
  • Patented twofold plasticizer: develops the film to be more flexible, more resilient and amazingly resistant to chipping 
  • Fantastic color compatibility and versatility of usage
  • High solids concentration provides a luxurious coverage


  • Best balance for total performance:
  • Color locked-in for up to 6 days, without any base or top coat 
  • Marvelously brilliant shine, glowing during more than 5 days
  • Sublime coverage with great ease of application
  • Pleasant drying time 
  • High-color compatibility to allow fantastic variety of shades
  • Admirable stability: Syneresis, settling and yellowing are under control


  • Doesn't contain added toluene, formaldehyde or camphor 
  • Settling- free: assured 
  • Syneresis under control 
  • Date of minimum durability: over 36 months 
  • PAO: 24 months 
  • Selection of finest raw materials 
  • In-lab formulation control 
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art, eco- friendly and officially licensed site 
  • No animal- derived ingredients
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